Hello and Welcome!


This page is dedicated to our new consultants looking for information on how to jumpstart your new business.

  1. Step one is to go over the 72 hour game plan with your sponsor.  The 72 hour game plan is a prepared system by LuLaRoe to ensure that you lay a foundation for success and launch your business as rapidly and successfully as possible.
  2. Develop you social media – it is critical that you are following all the important Facebook groups, Instagram hashtags and periscope followings. Talk to your sponsor about which critical Facebook groups to join and who to follow. Many times the leaders in this company will share valuable information on these platforms.
  3. Your Facebook page operates as your storefront and your businesses public image. It is critical you understand the rules and regulations of LuLaRoe and follow them accordingly. You should receive all of their terms and conditions document when you sign up. I would talk with your sponsor to ensure that rules regulations have not changed.
  4. Create a Gmail account with the following structure “LuLaRoe first name last name.  For example: janesmith@gmail.com
  5. Fill out the following link to get your information added to the LuLaRoe consultant map. Note: this map isn’t updated very often, so don’t be surprised if it takes awhile for your info to show up. FILL OUT LINK HERE.
  6. Order your business cards. You can go to Lularoecustom.com or find ones on Etsy.com.
  7. Support system and etiquette.  At LuLaRoe we have an incredible support system and it begins with your sponsor. If you have questions you can always search on Google but the best place to start is your sponsor.  Your sponsor has probably been through just about any situation you have and should be able to answer all your questions. If not, your sponsor will elevate the question to their sponsor and so on until you get an answer. You may always use the ticket system in Audrey (their backend office) once you are on boarded.
  8. Process your initial transaction as soon as you have access to Audrey. Charge yourself for at least one item so that Audrey will initiate the deposit process to ensure all of your financials are in alignment before you do your first sale. If you see a problem you need to submit a help desk ticket as soon as possible.
  9. At LuLaRoe we believe that we are all a team and that all consultants work together to achieve unified success. LuLaRoe structured their business so that we all have different inventory and do not compete with one another. So embrace your fellow consultants and we look forward to working together.