We know you have questions… let me help answer them!

Below is a list of some of my most frequently asked questions about LuLaRoe. If there is something that isn’t listed, please always feel free to message me! As your hopeful sponsor, I want you to feel comfortable reaching out day or night!

How much does it cost to become a LuLaRoe Consultant?

There are no “fees” to get started with the company. LuLaRoe has determined that you need at least 300 articles of clothing to provide an adequate selection for your customers to choose from. LuLaRoe has aligned initial inventory packages to help get your business get off the ground and make you successful right from the start. Your initial investment goes fully to purchasing inventory to sell.

Are there any hidden startup fees?

Nope, never!  There are never any costs or fees to being a LuLaRoe consultant.  The only thing you are paying for is the clothing.  You buy it at wholesale to sell at retail.

What if I decide LuLaRoe isn’t for me? Can I quit?

Of course!  Life happens.  LuLaRoe will buy back ALL of your unused clothing for 90% of what you paid for it. Crazy right! However, LuLaRoe has an unheard of retention rate of 88%.  Most direct sales companies are below 30% retention rate.  Basically, you won’t want to quit once you start, but you’re not trapped if you do.

Do I have to do in-home parties?

LuLaRoe does not require their consultants to host in-home parties. In-home parties are a TON of fun though, you get to hang out with your friends, eat food, and try on great clothes! Making the clothes available to your friends, neighbors, coworkers and acquaintances will really boost your sales.  You will find that once you throw in-home parties, you will gain regular customers who want to come back and shop for more, even if you are not throwing an official party. They may just want to stop by one day to buy more clothes, this is great repeat business we love!

Can I make my own prices for the clothing?

Yes, and No.  You can sell your clothes for as much as you like, however, there is a base price that you cannot go below.  Honestly, people are willing to pay for the clothes because of their quality and uniqueness.  The clothes sell themselves so we rarely discount.

Do I have to sell online?

No.  Many consultants do really well without selling online, in fact, many prefer that face to face interaction of in-home parties.  However, online parties are also a great way to have fun and make friends as they are held in intimate closed groups. We recommend blending the two approaches.

What is the profit margin?

45-60% depending on the item.

Should I worry about over saturation in my area?

LuLaRoe is still in its early growth stages so there is tons of room for growth! LuLaRoe consultants all having varying styles and prints. Having other consultants in your area is convenient because you may be able to trade inventory. Build great customer relations and they will stay loyal to you. (Meaning they will always come to your first to find what they need before shopping others). With online sales as well, we can market and sell to people all over the U.S.

What about prints I don’t like? Can I return them?

You can, but trust me, everything sells.  Just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean someone else won’t.  There are prints I thought would never sell, but when the right person comes along and tries it on, they love it, and you know what? It actually looks great on them! It’s a good thing we all don’t have the same tastes!

How much does the average consultant make?

The average profit margin is around 45%-60% or $19.00 per item. The average consultant sells 25 items at an in home pop-up boutique. LuLaRoe consultants are also seeing HUGE success from pop up sales! The more driven you are and the harder you work, the more you will make! You can also earn commission from team building!

Do I have to build a team to be successful?

You don’t have to. You are your own business owner, you do what works for you!  There is no requirement to build a team and train other consultants, you can make plenty of money just selling the cute clothes.

How much does the top paid consultants make?

The top consultants are working hard and making enough money to even retire their husbands! You would be surprised to learn how many girls make a significant income!  

Where can I get a blogging and boutique platform?

Love My Collection (lovemycollection.com) offers great semi-custom websites for consultants looking to gain digital exposure! Their prices are extremely affordable and offer a great platform for consultants looking to grow their business and team.

Who pays for the shipping when sending items to customers?

Your customers pay their shipping costs. We use USPS Priority flat rate shipping which comes with insurance and tracking. All of the priority packaging is free through USPS.com or you can find it at your local post office. This costs from $5.75-$19.00. In most cases consultants do not make money on shipping. Some consultants offer free shipping to their customers if they order over $100 worth of product. You can choose if this is something you want to offer.

Where do you order business cards from?

You can order them through www.lularoecustom.com, which is a site that LuLaRoe has provided for a variety of custom LuLaRoe goodies. LuLaRoe has already made up business card templates that are available in your Audrey back office. You can also design your own template and use a site like Vistaprint.

Did I answer all your questions? If not, message me today!