live in color + comfort


Fashionable, comfortable clothing that is fun and colorful.

LIVE IN COLOR + COMFORTmore details coming. 

Host a Boutique and Earn Free Clothes!
I will bring and set up the product while you visit with your friends, meet new people, shop a little (or a lot), and earn free product at the same time!  This is truly one of those times when “the more the merrier” holds true and can only work in your favor, so tell your friends! Tell your daughters’ friends! Tell the lady ringing up your groceries! The girl that babysits your neighbors’ kids! Even your mail carrier! And tell them to tell their friends.
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Becoming stylist can provide you opportunity to have the means, the time, and the flexibility to pursue your passions and to more fully enjoy the company of those you love.  It can be the way by which you overcome a set back or finally get beyond “just making ends meet.” It can restore or improve confidence in both your appearance and your abilities and it will provide immense satisfaction as you help others to find such confidence in themselves. Please email me at where I read and respond to all inquires. 
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